Ice to Not Sea You

Our event is pretend you “sea,” but your impact is real.

Introducing “Ice to NOT Sea You” – where there is no place to be and nothing to “sea,” and serious scientific priorities are #1.

earth wins — And you can too!

We get it.

Temperatures are rising.

Resources are vital. 

Time is precious.

Energy is everything.


That’s why we’re mixing things up for our annual “Ice to Sea You” fundraising event this year, to focus directly on our science and innovative solar radiation management solution. Yes, parties are nICE, but this year it is all about saving Arctic Ice!

Earth Day is April 22, and our global celebration between now and then is as serious as our mission.

Our goal?

To raise a cool $200,000 between now and Earth Day. 


To continue vital research to make sure our solution is effective and safe in the Arctic environment.

What’s next?

To gather solid data to greenlight 2025 field studies with hollow glass microspheres in the Arctic. 

So, let’s make Earth cooler together! Remember, 100% of your gift is tax-deductible and will directly support our critical scientific advances.

Guided Hike in Restricted Preserve

Hike for eight at Jasper Ridge Preserve

Jasper Ridge is a unique, restricted biological preserve in the Stanford and Woodside area. Join docent Meredith McClintock for a guided hike in this beautiful, hard-to-get-into preserve. Learn
about the diverse world of bay area flora and fauna as your group of 8 explores the unique habitat. Afterwards, drive down the road to Buck’s to enjoy a $100 gift certificate for lunch or brunch. A special day for you and your nature-loving friends! Plan on about 2 – 3 hrs for the
hike. Dates to be mutually agreed upon.

You will be automatically entered for any donation of $100 or above (1 entry).

Sail the San Francisco Bay

A Scenic Outing Around Alcatraz and Angel Island for 4

Come sailing on the beautiful San Francisco Bay as guests of Arctic Ice Project Board Chairman Steve Payne! You and three of your best friends (total 4) will head out for a summer afternoon, complete with a wine and cheese extravaganza. We’ll shoot for a sunny day and a scenic outing around Alcatraz and Angel Island. Leave the work to us or lend a hand as crew – it’s totally up to you. Skipper and winner will schedule a mutually-agreeable date for summer 2024.

You will be automatically entered for any donation of $350 or above + Guided Hike (2 entries total).

A Stunning East Coast Getaway 

Soak In the Stars with this Dreamy East Coast Escape

Enjoy a 3 to 4 night stay out on the north Fork of Long Island ar this beautiful 5 bedroom farmhouse with saltwater pool and hot tub, putting green and more.  This home is 1.5 hours away from New York City and is Near the hamptons, ocean and sound water area,  Enjoy winetasting in the area as well as some great golf courses. Relax at the house and get cozy by the indoor or outdoor fireplace. There is a ping-pong table, pool table, and cornhole boards as well and a karaoke machine and movie room with popcorn machine and candy downstairs. Bookings to be made on a mutually agreed upon date in Fall 2024 – Spring 2025. Airfare not included.

You will be automatically entered for any donation of $1,000 or above + Sail SF Bay + Guided Hike (3 entries total)

Buy your tickets today

We kindly invite you to allocate your usual “Ice to Sea You” or entertainment budget to support our vital research and climate modeling. It’s like turning your night out into a global adventure to preserve and restore critical Arctic sea ice, and Earth as we know it.

Forget the venue, linens, plates, food, music, drinks, and valet.

Instead you are buying precious laboratory time that will help us identify the optimal size of hollow glass microshperes for living organisms to thrive in the Arctic.


Direct Impact Giving


Advancing HGM Parameterization for Comprehensive Simulation

Funding a collaborative computational modeling and simulation study on Hollow Glass Microsphere (HGM) parameterization to enhance the accuracy of simulating HGM interactions with snow, sea ice, and water.


SRM Testbed with Machine Learning Integration

Supporting a computational modeling and simulation study using the Earth System Framework for a solar radiation modification testbed. Utilizing climate model output and observations to train machine learning models for decision-support tools in future AIP deployments.


Comprehensive Impact Assessment of AIP Technology

Underwriting a computational modeling and simulation study with new HGM parameterization, integrating an ensemble of simulations to vet overall impacts of AIP technology on the Arctic and global climate.


Ecotoxicology Research on HGMs in Arctic Marine Ecosystems

Underwriting a computational modeling and simulation study with new HGM parameterization, integrating an ensemble of simulations to vet overall impacts of AIP technology on the Arctic and global climate.


Integrating Equity and Social Justice for Indigenous Peoples

Supporting efforts to integrate equity and social justice for Indigenous peoples through collaborative research goal development and ensuring adaptability to accommodate evolving Indigenous input and priorities.


Laboratory Testing of Environmental Dynamics in the Arctic Food Chain

Intensifying hollow glass microsphere laboratory modeling studies to learn more about environmental distribution, concentrations and uptake size in larger copepod species inhabiting the Arctic.


Monthly Cloud Storage for Comprehensive Data Access

Covering the monthly cost of cloud storage to save and access comprehensive data generated through the partnership with NASA Earth Exchange for state-of-the-art supercomputers and analysis tools.


Replicating Arctic Environmental Conditions with Specialized Equipment

Supporting access to laboratory equipment with specialized capabilities to replicate environmental conditions from Arctic climates.


Publication of Scientific Research for Knowledge Dissemination

Underwriting the development of scientific research papers for publication to share findings openly through peer-reviewed articles and presentations in key Arctic and climate-oriented journals and conferences.


Mitigating Climate Disaster Recovery Costs

Contributing to mitigating the impact of climate disasters by supporting initiatives that help alleviate increased insurance rates, electricity costs, gas prices, food prices and availability, etc.

$ Other

Every Dollar Matters for Our Future

Encouraging contributions of any amount to collectively protect our future.