Arctic Ice Project

Leading the global effort to stop Arctic ice melt using a safe, localized approach

Our Efforts

Ten years of research shows that we may have a safe and effective solution to slow Arctic ice melt. As the damage from climate change grows, development of this technology is urgent.


the problem

The Arctic is warming nearly four times faster than the rest of the globe resulting in critical loss of reflective Arctic sea ice. Continued accelerated ice melt will increase the severity and frequency of climate related hazards and lead to an existential global crisis.

the science

Arctic ice reflects the sun’s heat and energy (albedo effect) out of the Earth’s atmosphere. Increasing the albedo of Arctic sea ice to reflect sunlight can reduce warming and stabilize Earth’s weather patterns, sea levels, and temperatures.

the solution

Deploying a thin layer of tiny hollow glass microspheres (HGMs) atop Arctic sea ice will mimic and enhance its natural albedo effect, protecting young sea ice through the summer months, potentially allowing for conversion to highly reflective multiyear ice, thus slowing the rate of Arctic sea ice melt.

the impact

Advanced computer modeling indicates the deployment of HGM technology in strategic Arctic locations could provide an additional decade or more for the world to decarbonize before the worst impacts of climate change are realized and become irreversible.

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