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There’s a problem in the Arctic

The Arctic is warming nearly four times faster than the rest of the world and its impacts are already showing. Huge die offs of commercial species such as snow crabs, permafrost thaw is leading to erosion and methane off-gassing, and decreasing ice-cover in the Arctic sea is having global repercussions for further warming.

The Arctic, when frozen, reflects most of the sun’s energy back into space, reducing heating and ice melt.

As the Arctic melts, the open water absorbs the sun’s heat and warms, leading to a feedback loop of melting and warming that impacts warming and weather patterns globally.

we are working on a solution

By reflecting the sun’s energy away from key portions of the Arctic, we can stop the feedback loop of melting.

We are developing hollow glass microspheres that reflect the sun’s rays and protect the summer ice below it. By spreading a thin layer of reflective, ecologically stable hollow glass microspheres (HGMs) in strategic areas of the Arctic where ice is formed and where it begins to melt, we can slow the melt and help stave off the worst of climate risks while the rest of the world decarbonizes.  

decarbonization is key— but we need time

Our technology is a stopgap to allow the world’s economies the time to decarbonize. Switching to green, carbon-free energy systems is the number one solution for slowing climate change.

Climate intervention projects such as ours only work alongside large scale shifts to green energy and sustainable economies. The problem is it just isn’t happening fast enough.

We need time. And that’s where Arctic Ice Project comes in. Our calculations suggest that implementation of our technology could provide up to a decade for the world to decarbonize.

Ten years of research shows that we may have a safe and effective solution to slow Arctic ice melt. As the damage from climate change grows, development of this technology is urgent.

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