We are facing a global existential crisis.

Help us stop it.


Stopping Arctic ice melt is all-hands-on-deck

The Arctic is warming nearly four times faster than the rest of the globe, resulting in critical loss of reflective Arctic sea ice. This ice melt drives warming and destabilization trends worldwide. Continued accelerated ice melt will increase the severity and frequency of climate related hazards and lead to an existential global crisis.

Sunlight melts ice.

We can block it.


By spreading a thin layer of reflective glass beads that function ecologically like sand over key portions of the Arctic, Arctic Ice Project can protect young ice through the summer and stop the feedback loop of melting long, allowing strong, reflective, “old ice” to form. This technology could provide the world with up to 15 years to decarbonize. 

Restore sea ice. Protect the Arctic habitat. Stabilize the climate.


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