Our Approach

A Portfolio Approach

Developing solutions in time to save the Arctic will require a global research effort focused on the most promising approaches. Our model is to coordinate and direct research to evaluate the best approaches. As the most studied ice restoration effort in the world, the Arctic Ice Project is already marshaling far-reaching collaborations across academic, scientific, and governmental organizations. The majority of our budget will be directed externally towards funding and coordinating world-class research partnerships to test and evaluate the most promising ice preservation solutions for safety and efficacy. Once demonstrated, we plan to freely “open source” our solutions for large international institutions to deploy.

Our Collaborative Research Model

To solve the puzzle of ice preservation, the Arctic Ice Project is executing a non-profit global research effort focused on the most promising solutions. To conduct research on a global scale across multiple disciplines requires a collaborative research model.

We’ve spent the past decade testing, developing and evaluating the efficacy and safety of different approaches to preserve Arctic ice. Utilizing our internal technical capabilities, we take ice preservation technologies through the same risk-reduction funnel used by technical agencies such as NASA

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Materials and Deployment

Our solution, strategically applied in the Arctic, can give the world an opportunity to buy up to 15 more years to decarbonize the economy and drawdown GHGs from the atmosphere.


We have finished testing for the season. Testing includes monitoring various materials on ice in contained environments at our test sites in Utqiagvik, Alaska; Lake Elmo, Minnesota; and Serene Lakes, California.

Ecotoxicology, Fate, and Safety

Arctic Ice Project is undertaking detailed studies on the ecotoxicological effects of their technologies, through modeling, and environmental fate studies, and ecotoxicological research.

Climate Modeling

Climate modeling lets us work through complicated problems in advance through simulations, helping us understand the Arctic’s complex system interactions.

Emerging Technologies

We are constantly reviewing and researching other potential ice preservation technologies to be sure our work includes the most promising technical approaches.

Policy and Governance

Arctic Ice restoration depends not only on technological breakthroughs but on the willingness of indigenous Arctic communities, nations, and multinational organizations to implement ice restorative solutions.