Pledge your support for

Arctic climate restoration


The United States government must take a strong leadership position in addressing climate change issues. The rapidly changing Arctic climate is ground zero in the fight against climate change as it’s both a consequence of, and driver of climate change. 


Scroll down to join us in calling upon the government of the United States to invest $1 billion annually in science-based solutions to preserve and restore Arctic ice.

Stand with us

Currently, climate scientists are advocating for the United States government to invest $1 billion annually in climate repair.

An investment at this scale would significantly

  • reduce extreme weather patterns like floods, droughts, and wildfires
  • reduce mass extinction events
  • reduce worldwide mass migration caused by climate change.


I am calling upon the U.S. government to make this crucial investment and to back the preservation and restoration of Arctic ice, as


  • We will face the consequences of ice-free Arctic summers as early as 2030
  • An intact Arctic slows the release of more greenhouse gases and stabilizes the global climate
  • We must preserve the Arctic for the Indigenous communities and wildlife that call the Arctic home