Our Initiative

The Arctic Ice Project is working on solutions to restore the Arctic’s natural heat shield to mitigate the impact of global warming. We’ve been innovating and evaluating promising solutions for ice preservation for the past decade.

What We Do:

As a leading non-profit in the climate restoration field, we have been innovating promising solutions for ice preservation for ten years. We leverage our internal technical capabilities through collaborating with the world’s most prestigious laboratories and universities. We estimate that the solutions we are developing represent an opportunity to buy up to fifteen more years for our global economies to decarbonize towards a more sustainable future.



NOAA reported that from 1980-2019, the U.S. alone sustained 279 weather and climate disasters, each at a cost of $1 Billion or more (including CPI adjustment to 2020), totalling a cost of more than $1.825 trillion.(1) In addition to giving us more time to reduce carbon emissions, the work of the Arctic Ice Project creates a credible and timely path to significantly reduce climate-related losses of life, property, ecosystems, species, and habitable land. The lasting return for funding the Arctic Ice Project is enormous for funders, for the worlds’ ecosystems., and for future generations.